Korean stars born in 1999 finally have grown up now

They all turn 20 and look more fabulous at the moment. Let's check the list below!

1. Kim Yoojung

Yoojung is considered to be the "new generation goddess in Korea" as all the features of her face are completely perfect. Starting her acting career from 2004 to present, Yoojung has had a lot of experience with acting skills for 14 years.

2. Jin Jihee

Do you remember the girl Jing Haeri in the famous series "High Kick" season 2? She has grown up into a beautiful girl. Time passes so quickly

3. Kim Sohyun

Another famous child actress is Kim Sohyun. She has many famous dramas in her acting career. Sohyun is trying to develop her career along with studying. And she now has a pretty face. 

4. Park Jihoon(Wanna One)

The "Wink Boy" has debuted for a year, and he still has that cute look on his face. After only a year, we can see a mature and attractive Park Jihoon on stage.

5. Park Woojin (Wanna One)

This Busan boy has his own charm. From his lovely teeth to his eye smiles, Woojin from the days in Produce 101 has made a significant change from appearance to his vocal. 

6. Young B

This young, talented rapper Young B is not a stranger to the audiences because he has appeared in "Show me the money" season 4, season 5 and recently he also joined the season 6. Especially in March last year, Young B became the champion of the High School Rapper competition after competing with many constestants at the same age with him. Many people believe that the guy will achieve a lot of success in the near future.

7. Tzuyu (Twice)

TWICE's maknae from the first days of debut has always received much attention because of her beautiful looks. After a long time, Tzuyu's beauty is becoming more and more gorgeous now.

8. Chaeyoung (Twice)

Another member from TWICE, she has perfect body that make many people jealous of. Especially, Chaeyoung also impresses with her small and attractive look. 

9. Yoojung (Weki Meki)

Yoojung got a large number of fans as she finished the first season of Produce 101. Throughout the ups and downs, Yoojung finally debuted with I.O.I group. Currently she is working with Weki Meki group. Although the group can't got much support as I.O.I but Yoojung still can maintain her popularity. 

10. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

The girl, who goes through ups and downs with Yoojung from joining Produce 101 until their debut together in the I.O.I group, and finally debuted in the same group Weki Meki is Doyeon. She still has the look of a professional model.

11. Kim Sohye

Although receiving many negative comments about the results of the Produce 101, Kim Sohye tried her best to improve her skills while working in I.O.I. Although I.O.I has been disbanded, many people believe that Kim Sohye can succeed in the future.

12. Mina (Gugudan)

Mina is also one of only 11 girls to win the Produce 101 and become a part of the I.O.I. After debuted with Gugudan and following a strict diet, She shocked many people that from a chubby girl now she turns into a beautiful young lady.

13. Yeonjung(Cosmic Girls)

As a talented singer of the new generation idols, Yeonjung is always chosen to sing important parts in Cosmic Girls' songs. Before joining the Cosmic Girls, Yeonjung was also a member of I.O.I. Yeonjung in particular is widely considered as the most successful idol after leaving I.O.I.

14. Arin(Oh My Girl)

Arin impresses people with a lovely round face in the early days with Oh My Girl. She always melts the audiences' hearts with a series of aegyos. However, recently Arin has changed a bit of her appearance after losing weight, she is now more beautiful. 

15. Yeri(Red Velvet)

Beginning her singing career with Red Velvet in 2015, Yeri made significant changes in her music career. From a cute style in "Ice Cream Cake", she has experienced a number of concepts with Red Velvet. Especially in the recent comeback, hardly anyone can find a cute Yeri but a sexy and strong girl. 

16. Naeun(April)

Naeun takes the position of visual in the group. Sweet and lovely appearance, Naeun can easily follow the group's innocent concept. She is also one of the most popular member in April. 

17. Lee Suhyun(Akdong Musician)

From the two-member group, Suhyun and his older brother Chanhyuk have always received positive compliments on their vocal and composing skills. Debuted in 2014 with an innocent face, Suhyun now changes into a lady. 


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