If You Were A Kid In The 90s, You Probably Had At Least One Birthday Party At One Of These 10 Places

Nowadays, kids have all kinds of fancy toys and technology to play with. If you grew up in the 90s, you most definitely had better birthday parties than the kids do today. Your parents might have taken you somewhere with all of your friends or just organized a ton of fun activities. Either way, those parties were off the hook. If you had a party at one of these ten places, you have some great memories that will last a lifetime.


Having your birthday party at McDonald's was a major event. If your parents booked ahead of time, chances are Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgular, and Grimace made an appearance. They also had that epic outdoor playground that you and your friends could occupy for hours on end.

Chuck E. Cheese

Only the coolest kids had their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. You had a day packed with games, shows, and pizza. What more could a kid want?

Bowling Alley

Just about every town had a bowling alley. We used to get super excited about spending a day with friends while knocking down some pins. It was even better if the bowling alley had bumpers. Without the worry of gutterballs, everyone was a winner.

Discovery Zone

If you had your birthday party at Discovery Zone, you were a legend among your friends. There was so much to do on top of good food and fun games.

Movie Theater

Having a birthday party at a movie theater was always cool. You and your friends were able to catch the latest animated flick while pigging out on massive buckets of popcorn. It is too bad that the prices are so high now, that this kind of party is not likely to happen nowadays.

Petting Zoo

If you were not into being in loud busy places, a trip to the petting zoo with your friends was just as good. Nothing was more amazing than you and your friends getting to pet and feed some adorable furry animals.

Local Rec Center

Going to your local rec center with your friends for your birthday party was like having a gym class all to yourself without having to do push-ups. You and your friends got to run around and chase each other for hours. It was truly a blast!

Local Farm

If you were really lucky, you had a local farm nearby that would allow you and your friends to take the horses out for a ride.


Back in the day, when arcades were a thing, they were some of the best places for a birthday party. This was better for the kids who were a bit too old to enjoy places like Chuck E Cheese.

Laser Tag

Last but not least, is laser tag. Only the coolest of kids had their birthday party at the local laser tag center. It was a ton of fun, and your friends would talk about the good time they had for months after.


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