These Might Be The Best Photoshopped Images Ever

Photoshop is one of the greatest inventions ever. Its true potential was realized when people on the internet started to use it to make hilarious images to bring joy to the world. Check out some of the funniest photoshop images you will ever see. You won't be disappointed.

#1 The sloth is majestic.

Check out this hilarious photoshop of a sloth and his rescuer. It's one of the greatest images you will ever see.

#2 Trump is a big kid at heart.

Somehow the photoshop of this image is just fitting. This just looks like something our President would do during an important meeting. Not sure what that says about the state of our nation.

#3 Straight outta the nest.

This bird just looks like a gangsta so the photoshop of him with the Straight Outta Compton crew is fitting. Have you ever seen a more hardcore bird?

#4 Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior?

This curious bear got an epic photoshop treatment when it was captured staring into this family's home. It sure does look like one of those annoying Mormons that come to your house, doesn't it?

#5 You will get along or else.

The moment that Obama pretty much passed the torch to Trump was an awkward affair, to say the least. That's what makes this get along shirt photoshop so epic. It's totally something that you could see happening.

#6 When I use the internet "eyebrows."

Okay so that was a terrible pun but this is a hilarious photoshop. Gotta keep that yard maintenance up.

#7 Hogan's mustache is the real MVP.

Hulk Hogan is known for flexing his muscles, doing leg drops, and his iconic blonde mustache. This photoshopper decided to show how Hogans mustache is really a nexus of multiple Hogan realities.

#8 This is just creepy.

This photoshop is epic but in a creepy way. I will let the image speak for itself. You can decide how you feel about it.

#9 Trump just makes this too easy.

Once again our President makes the list. This time his profile is used to light a fire in the heart of this photoshopper who turned him into their old flame.


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