Park Shinhye and Suzy confirmed dating, fans flock to Lee Minho's Instagram to comfort him

Lee Minho's Instagram is suddenly full of fans' comforting comments upon Park Shinhye and Suzy's dating confirmation.

As previously reported, Park Shinhye is now dating with Choi Taejoon, while Suzy with Lee Dongwook. Following the news, fans quickly flock to the Instagram of actor Lee Minho, who is Suzy's ex-boyfriend. Lee Minho and Suzy confirmed their breakup in November 2017.

Meanwhile, Park Shinhye has actually no love-relationship with the actor in real life. However, the two have been famous for their chemistry -- not few fans ship them and wish the two to date.

Quickly after the dating confirmations, fans flooded the actor's social media with various comforting comments, such as "That's okay Minho, you still have Minoz all over the world," "OMG, fans are so hilarious to comfort him through Instagram," "I think Lee Minho has to move on quickly from Suzy," and more. 

Source: KStarLive/kpopline

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