Kids Having The Cutest Little Meltdowns Ever.

Little kids are so freaking cute especially when they are mad. The little faces they make and their inability to control their emotions create the perfect storm of cute to melt even the coldest heart. Have a laugh as you check out these little kids having the funniest cute meltdowns.

#1 Suckers are everything.

I'm not gonna lie, I would be mad too if I lost my sucker. The cat doesn't look too happy about the situation either. Poor kid.

#2 Can we go home now?

Shopping can be hard for little kids with short attention spans. This kid is outwardly displaying his disdain by falling out in the store. Something tells me he has not begun to melt down.

#3 The nozzle should face the other way.

This poor kid was trying to help water the plants and ended up getting a face full of water. This is deserving of a meltdown for sure.

#4 Stupid T-Rex!

Isn't this just the cutest little meltdown face ever? All the kid wanted to do was have his dino destroy the world but he can't even have that. Life just isn't fair.

#5 But I'm still hungry mom!

Kids will put anything in their mouths whether it's food or not. When you take it away from them you might want to be prepared for what's to follow. Meltdown city.

#6 Get out of the way!

When a child is determined to do something anything that gets in their way is enough to set them off. In this case, it's the dog taking a nap in the path of where this child wants the chair to go. Wake up and move!

If you thought those were cute, you will love this little kid having an epic meltdown over a game of golf.


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